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Patrick Peterson will make season debut against Giants in Week 7

More details have come out about the shooting Giants draft pick Corey Ballentine and his friend, Dwane Simmons, were involved in on early Sunday morning. 

Ballentine and Simmons were at a party at Washburn University and were asked if they had any marijuana on them. When the two said no, the strangers left briefly before returning and shot and killed Simmons while wounding Ballentine, according to Simmons’ father, Navarro. 

“The Washburn women’s soccer team was haivng a party,” Navarro told KSHB-TV in Kansas. “It was in walking distance … They walked over, you know, had a good time. They were leaving. Some guys rolled up, asked them if they had some smoke for sale. Dwane and Corey said no, and [the men] just drove off and came back around and opened fire.”

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