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Reality check: How likely is it Russell Wilson becomes Giants’ future QB?

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OMG! Russell Wilson could be the quarterback of the future for the Giants?

That scenario certainly set Twitter ablaze Wednesday when a “rumor” was reported that Wilson, the star quarterback of the Seahawks, wanted out of Seattle and had his eyes on the Giants. It was a rumor started by FS1’s Colin Cowherd, though it turned into a bad game of telephone since that’s not exactly what he said.

What he said was that Wilson’s wife — Ciara — preferred to have her husband play in New York, according to rumors Cowherd heard flying around “the entertainment agent world.” Being in New York would be far better for her career than being in Seattle, he said. And hey, the Giants don’t have a franchise quarterback under contract for next year, so …

Yeah, no. This is more like LOL!

The 30-year-old Wilson isn’t going to play for the Giants now, or any time soon. And in case you still insist on living in that fantasy world, here’s why that’s not going to happen:

  • Wilson is under contract through the end of this season, and could be franchised next season (for about $30 million) if he’s not signed to a long-term deal. So really, he’d need to be traded. And if you’re Seattle, what would it take for you to give up a franchise quarterback in his prime who has already been to two Super Bowls? Every pick the Giants have in this year’s draft and maybe a handful of future No. 1s too? Forget it.
  • The Seahawks went 10-6 last year and nearly won in Dallas in the first-round of the playoffs. So now you think they want to ditch their franchise quarterback and rebuild? Their backup is Brett Hundley (although I suppose they could sign Eli Manning in this ridiculous scenario).
  • If the Giants acquired him, they’d be responsible for his $17 million salary, which is exactly what they’d save by then cutting Manning. OK, that’s a wash. But Wilson is due for a new deal and the going rate for a franchise quarterback is somewhere between the $30 million per year Matt Ryan got and the $33 million per year Aaron Rodgers got. And since franchise quarterback rates rarely go down, he could get as much as $35 million per year. So much for any savings the Giants might get by transitioning to a young quarterback out of the draft.
  • Could the Giants wait a year and sign him as a free agent? Sure. Again, the cost will likely be something like $160-170 million over five years, possibly with more than $100 million guaranteed (thank Kirk Cousins for that). And that’s assuming he’s ever a free agent. There’s no way the Seahawks wouldn’t franchise their franchise quarterback if they don’t sign him to a long-term deal.
  • What, Ciara can’t fly to New York to record songs? Or to Los Angeles, which is a 2 ½ hour flight away? Besides, in the internet age, stars can live anywhere. Being in the Media Capital of the World ain’t what it used to be.

Sure, anything can happen.

Just not this.

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