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Redskins president says Giants’ Dave Gettleman had ‘no clue’ whether they’d draft Daniel Jones

Giants GM Dave Gettleman said after the NFL Draft that he knew “for a fact” that two teams would have taken Daniel Jones before Big Blue’s second first-round pick at No. 17 if the Giants hadn’t picked him at No. 6.

Those teams, according to SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano: the Redskins (who had the No. 15 pick) and Broncos (who had the No. 10 pick).

While Gettleman never mentioned the Redskins by name, team president Bruce Allen fired back at the notion that Gettleman had any idea what the ‘Skins were preparing to do.

“We picked the player we wanted to pick,” Allen said Tuesday night on NFL Total Access about Dwayne Haskins — their pick at No. 15. “I’m almost positive Dave has no clue what our draft board would be. I don’t know which draft boards he knows, but he doesn’t know ours.”

The reports before the draft were that the Redskins were debating whether to take Haskins or Jones, and that they were contemplating trading up (potentially all the way to No. 3) to secure one of them.

Allen confirmed Tuesday night that Washington pondered trading up, and that once the Giants took Jones at No. 6, they felt “comfortable” that Haskins would be there at No. 15.

There are two key points to be made here…

1. Allen did not deny that the Redskins were interested in Jones, nor did he say Gettleman was wrong with his assertion that Jones would’ve been gone before No. 17.

2. There is zero advantage to any non-Giants executive admitting that Gettleman was right about whether their team would’ve drafted Jones before No. 17. That doesn’t mean Gettleman was right, but other teams refusing to acknowledge that another team knew what they were planning is par for the course.

Still, there is a reason most NFL insiders reacted to the Giants picking Jones at No. 6 with incredulity. 

Maybe Gettleman knew something, maybe he didn’t. But his Giants legacy is now tied to Jones — and he is on the clock. 

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