Prior to the start of the 2019 NFL Combine, which gets underway at Lucas Oil Stadium on Tuesday, the NFL Competition Committee, including New York Giants co-owner John Mara, will gather in Indianapolis, Indiana to discuss potential rule changes.

One part of those discussions will be whether or not to make non-calls on the field reviewable.

However, despite the debacle surrounding the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 playoffs, Judy Battista of NFL Network reports that no changes to that rule are likely to be made.

To a degree, it’s understandable why the NFL is reluctant to make non-calls reviewable. Human error is a part of the game, and while the Saints were essentially robbed of a chance to go to the Super Bowl, it’s rare that calls of that nature are so blatantly missed.

Moreover, the league is concerned with the length of the games and how much longer each would become if non-calls were being buzzed for review in addition to the two coaches challenges (three if the first two challenges are successful).

Still, it’s hard to deny that officiating has been on a downhill slope in recent years, which culminated with that highly publicized non-call in the NFC Championship Game. It’s an issue the league has to address one way or another.

Any potential rule changes would need at least 24 owners to vote to approve, and as things sit, non-call reviews will not be approved.