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Russell Wilson ‘shocked’ by Odell Beckham Jr. trade, talks Giants QB rumors

Russell Wilson joined the Yankees on Friday in Tampa as a “minor leaguer,” but the topic of conversation remained focused on football. 

Particularly New York Giants football. 

The Giants’ traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns last week — a move that surprised many around the league, including the Seahawks quarterback. 

“Wow, I was definitely shocked by the Odell move,” Wilson told reporters, per the New York Daily News. “In sports especially, also in the NFL in today’s age, a lot of crazy things happen. To see Antonio (Brown) go to the Raiders, obviously, and Odell leaving New York and going to Cleveland … Cleveland will have a good squad. It’s a process as fans and me being a player, most fans forget it’s a business, it’s part of the process.”

Wilson even found himself ingrained in some rumors this offseason as he enters the final year of his contract with the Seahawks. 

The 30-year-old quarterback was actually linked to the Giants as a possible replacement for Eli Manning in a rumor stirred by FS1’s Colin Cowherd last month. 

The Giants have said they are sticking with Manning as their quarterback for 2019 while Wilson does not envision himself leaving Seattle any time soon. 

“The reality is a lot of guys move, but for me, I love Seattle,” Wilson said. “I won a Super Bowl there, been to two, won a lot of playoff games. I love being there. As far as trades or being moved, you can never be surprised. I have a clear mindset of how much I love Seattle.”

Wilson did have positive things to say about the Giants’ signing of Golden Tate, whom Wilson played together with for four seasons in Seattle. 

“He can make plays, that’s for sure,” Wilson said of Tate. “He’ll make people miss. He definitely has talent.”

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