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Russell Wilson to the Giants chatter is over, with QB agreeing to deal with Seattle

All of that Russell Wilson to the Giants chatter? It’s over.

Wilson has agreed to a record-breaking extension with the Seahawks, according to ESPN, with the 30-year-old agreeing to a four-year deal that includes a whopping $65 million signing bonus and is worth $140 million.

The deal, which locks up Wilson through the 2023 season, inclues a no-trade clause. Wilson announced it himself on Twitter, saying “Hey Seattle, we got a deal.”

Before agreeing to the new deal, Wilson — who had set an April 15 deadline — was set to enter the final year of the contract he signed in 2015. If a deal hadn’t been reached, the Seahawks would have had the ability to franchise tag Wilson in 2020 and 2021.

As the negotations with Seattle reached the final hours, rumors continued to swirl about Wilson potentially winding up on the Giants, with Tyrann Mathieu saying “Russ wants New York.”

SNY’s Ralph Vachiano explained on Sunday why Wilson to the Giants wasn’t going to happen, but the rumors persisted.

And those rumors were helped along by Wilson, who recently spoke about his love for Seattle but wouldn’t rule out moving on.

“The reality is a lot of guys move, but for me, I love Seattle,” Wilson said. “I won a Super Bowl there, been to two, won a lot of playoff games. I love being there. As far as trades or being moved, you can never be surprised. I have a clear mindset of how much I love Seattle.”

With Wilson now locked up, the small possibility of him coming to the Giants in the near-term is gone. And Big Blue marches forward with Eli Manning as their starter and two picks (No. 6 and No. 17) in the Draft that could potentially be used to select his successor.

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