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SEE IT: Giants’ Sterling Shepard fools fans working undercover at Modell’s

Apparently a Modell’s getup gives Sterling Shepard a certain Saquon Barkley look.

The Giants receiver went undercover as a Modell’s salesman in a video posted by The Checkdown. Shepard had some shoppers fooled, but not in the way he might have expected. 

A male customer approached Shepard thinking he was the Giants rookie running back — and things got a bit awkward.

“Yo Saquon, biggest fan, man,” the guy said. “It’s my brother’s birthday, I’m looking for a Saquon jersey.”

“Oh, really, I’m Derek,” Shepard replied.

“You look like Saquon Barkley.”

“I do? Nah, I ain’t Saquon Barkley. I wish I was, man, that dude’s legs….”

“You look like him.”

“I appreciate it, bro.”


Shepard didn’t take it personally, but he didn’t leave the store without taking some trash talk — from a young boy, no less.

“Derek” asked the kid what he thought of Shepard, getting a head shake in return.

“He’s not saucy enough?” Shepard asked.

“He’s trash,” the boy said.


Maybe next time Shepard won’t have to go to Mo’s.

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