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Should the Giants resist an Odell Beckham Jr. trade?

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Bell was arguably the league\’s top running back before holding out for the entire 2018 season in Pittsburgh. He will more than likely continue his quest to reach the Super Bowl with another franchise in 2019.

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

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Named to his fifth Pro Bowl in 2016, Berry has been an elite safety since he was drafted in the first round in 2010. He\’s missed most of the last two seasons with heel injuries.

Dale Zanine / USA Today Sports Images

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Carr was a legitimate MVP candidate before breaking his leg late in 2016, and he had an incredible third season overall. He\’s struggled more over the last two seasons.

Cary Edmondson / USA Today Sports Images

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Elliott has had three excellent NFL seasons in three years, leading the league in rushing yards per game in each season. He capped off his 2018 with 1,434 yards rushing.

Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports Images

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Green missed the Pro Bowl this year for only the first time in his eight-year career due to injury. The wideout has six 1,000-yard seasons in his career.

Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports Images

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The speedy Hill and the Chiefs came up just short of a Super Bowl appearance in 2018. If he re-signs to remain with the Chiefs\’ young core, it seems likely the three-time Pro Bowler, who finished with 1,479 yards receiving and 13 scores this season, will see the Super Bowl sooner than later.

Jay Biggerstaff / USA Today Sports Images

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If Hopkins isn\’t the best wide receiver in football, he\’s certainly in the conversation. He had a career-high 1,572 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns in 2018, his second straight year as an All-Pro.

Troy Taormina / USA Today Sports Images

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One of the elite pass rushers in the league when healthy, Houston led the league with 22 sacks in 2014 and had at least nine sacks in each of the last two seasons.

Chris Humphreys / USA Today Sports Images

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Kamara has become a star in two NFL seasons with New Orleans. He has more than 1,500 yards from scrimmage in consecutive seasons, but the Saints lost to the Rams in the NFC championship this year.

Matthew Emmons / USA Today Sports Images

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Possibly the best tight end in football, Kelce has three straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons and has made four straight Pro Bowls. He had a career year in 2018 with 103 receptions for 1,336 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Jay Biggerstaff / USA Today Sports Images

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Luck returned to the playoffs in 2018 after a shoulder injury sidelined him in 2017. He has four 4,000-yard passing seasons in his career.

Bruce Kluckhohn / USA Today Sports Images

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A true NFL star and one of the elite pass rushers in the game, Mack was an All-Pro for the third time in 2018. He has 53 sacks over five seasons.

Brace Hemmelgarn / USA Today Sports Images

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In just his first year as a starter in 2018, Mahomes led the Chiefs to the AFC championship. Still just 23, there’s plenty of time for the likely 2018 MVP to lead Kansas City to its second-ever Super Bowl win.

Jay Biggerstaff / USA Today Sports Images

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McCoy is a six-time 1,000 yard rusher over his 10 years in the NFL. Unfortunately, he\’s been to the playoffs only once since joining the Bills in 2015.

Joe Nicholson / USA Today Sports Images

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The speedy Peterson contributes both as a cornerback and on punt returns for the Cardinals. He\’s a three-time first team All-Pro.

Matt Kartozian / USA Today Sports Images

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Considered one of the league\’s top corners just three years into his career, Ramsey and the Jags made it to the AFC conference championship after the 2017 regular season. He has nine picks in his three seasons.

Tim Heitman / USA Today Sports Images

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Likely a future Hall of Famer, Rivers has thrown for at least 4,000 yards in 10 of the last 11 seasons. The Chargers returned to the playoffs this season but lost in the Divisional Round.

Jake Roth / USA Today Sports Images

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One of the game\’s top left tackles, Smith has made six straight Pro Bowls with the Cowboys.

Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports Images

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Thielen has become a star for the Vikings over the last two years. He finished 2018 with 113 receptions for 1,373 yards and nine touchdowns, but the Vikings haven\’t made it further than the NFC championship during his five-year career.

Greg M. Cooper / USA Today Sports Images

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Through only three NFL seasons, Thomas has 3,787 yards receiving. He led the NFL with 125 receptions in 2018, but the Saints came up just short in the NFC championship.

Derick E. Hingle / USA Today Sports Images

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Just two years into his NFL career, the former Clemson star already led the Texans to an AFC South title and the playoffs in 2018. The mobile quarterback has many fine NFL seasons ahead of him.

Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today Sports Images

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A three-time Defensive Player of the Year Award winner, Watt has led the NFL in sacks twice during his eight-year career. He rebounded from injury this season to finish with 16 sacks.

Troy Taormina / USA Today Sports Images

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Weddle made his sixth Pro Bowl this year in what could be a Hall of Fame career at safety. The former Charger still hasn\’t come close to a Super Bowl despite his consistent status as one of the league\’s top safeties.

Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports Images

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Williams is a seven-time Pro Bowler and simply one of the best players at his position. He has missed many games to injuries in recent seasons, however.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA TODAY Sports Images

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Best current NFL players without a Super Bowl appearance

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