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Some experts loved the Giants drafting Daniel Jones — seriously

As ESPN’s NFL draft coverage came to a close, Booger McFarland left us with this thought: “Dave Gettleman had one hell of a night.”

New York Post backpage
New York Post backpage

The fans in the above video may disagree, but we at The Post are nothing if not optimists. And while the vocal majority of analysts thought the Giants overreached for Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the No. 6 pick, there are others — yes, outside of Gettleman’s immediate family — who are bullish on the signal-caller’s future.

Former Cowboys executive and SiriusXM analyst Gil Brandt has long been a fan of Jones and that did not change with his lofty selection.

“I’ve got to be careful how I say this: This guy, when you compare Peyton Manning coming out of Tennessee, the numbers are exactly the same,” Brandt, according to Newsday, said on Thursday night after the Giants made the sixth overall selection.

“Now, is he going to work as hard as Peyton Manning? That’s the question.”

That’s right, we are not talking Eli Manning comparisons. This is Peyton.

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Brandt is a well-respected draft analyst and has been a noteworthy evaluator of NFL talent for over six decades. He went into further detail on Jones before the draft.

“When you watch him and you go back [20] years and watch Peyton Manning, you are watching the same guy,” Brandt said. “He’s athletic. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but neither did Peyton.

“Very smart. He gambles on himself. He had an opportunity to have a full scholarship to Princeton. He said, ‘No, I’m better than that. I want to walk on at Duke.’ He completed 60 percent of his passes but they didn’t have any great receivers there to catch the ball. He had an unbelievable workout a month or so ago. A lot of people have really turned to like him.”

Brandt is not alone.

ESPN analyst Greg Cosell had this very positive breakdown of Jones’ tape from Duke.

Kurt Warner chimed in after meeting Jones.

“Just had the opportunity to meet/talk with Daniel Jones – great young man, excited to watch him chase his dream… he will be great for our league… just as his mentor Eli Manning has been! Giants have done well in finding quality men to lead them!” the former Giants quarterback and Hall of Famer tweeted on Friday.

Then there’s this from former Giants center Shaun O’Hara, which seems like a good place to wrap this up.

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