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Takeaways from Giants’ Joe Judge at NFL Combine, including currently having no depth chart

Giants head coach Joe Judge spoke on Tuesday at the NFL Combine, owning the stage as he gave answer after answer in his now-familiar straightforward, detailed manner.

Judge’s presser in both tone and message was similar to the one he took part in when he was named head coach earlier this offseason.

Here are the Takeaways…

There is no depth chart

Asked specifically about whether he thought Daniel Jones was a franchise quarterback, Judge gave an all-encompassing answer about his entire roster.


“It’s not gonna be fair for me to go ahead and set expectations for any player on our roster at this point,” he explained. “I’m looking forward to getting them in and working with them through spring and training camp and letting them establish their own identity and building around the players that show through competition that we can go ahead and improve.”

That refusal to label anyone at this point spills over to the depth chart, which Judge said doesn’t currently exist. 

Instead, players will need to prove themselves all over again from day one.

“Every one of our players is gonna come in here with a blank slate and be able to compete from the ground up from day one,” Judge added. “And I’m not gonna establish any individual status or hierarchy within the individual position groups by spending a month talking about individuals.” 

The Giants are open to trading down in the draft

Judge said the Giants are open to trading down from No. 4 in the NFL Draft.

“We don’t have to do anything,” he said. “We’ll listen to anything.”

With the Giants maybe more likely to take a piece for their offensive line than anything else, they could potentially trade down with a quarterback-hungry team and still get their top target.

What kind of players is he looking to bring in?

“The only priority is to bring in good football players who meet the values and principles of the organization. We’re not trying to recreate anywhere we’ve been before. … we’re interested in building the 2020 New York Giants, not recreating any other program (we’ve been) a part of.

“The biggest thing you look for on the field is smart players who can execute the assignment, who can play situationally where tough guys — physically and mentally tough — can do what’s right for the team, not always what’s right for them. And can they play through some discomfort? And you want guys that play fundamentally sound.”

What will the Giants be looking to find out during Combine interviews?

“We’ve got to find the right questions on each player individually going into it. Some guys it may be more football scheme, some guys it’s teach ’em something, see how they learn, have them regurgitate it back to us. Sometime it may be personality and character traits that we need to investigate.”

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