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Teammate Describes Nick Foles As Franchise QB

Will Nick Foles become a future quarterback of the New York Giants? It’s not the most likely outcome, but out of everything that could happen during this offseason, it’s also not the most unlikely one either. Foles has been the main name suggested when it comes to veteran quarterbacks that the Giants might be able to bring on, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only did Foles win the Super Bowl last season, but the Eagles quarterback is expected to be a free agent.

The idea of Foles joining the Giants has drawn mixed opinions. On one hand, Foles performed alright in Philadelphia and came through for the Eagles when it mattered. On the other hand, Foles isn’t even the top quarterback on his current team and the Giants don’t have a Super Bowl winning roster to help make up for average or below average QB play.

One player that has an opinion on the possible move is Chris Long, Eagles defensive end and a current teammate of Foles. Long, however, isn’t too pleased with the prospect of Foles possibly making the jump from Philadelphia to New York.

“I would hate to see him with the Giants just because I hate playing my friends, and if I end up back in Philly I’d have to play him twice a year. But I think whoever gets him is going to be very lucky. He’s a leader. He’s a franchise-type quarterback,” Long told NJ Advance Media.

Long also admitted that it looks like Foles will be moving on because of the quarterback battle with Carson Wentz. “The tough thing is we have another franchise quarterback, a guy who is homegrown and is going to be a great player for a long time to come.”

Foles isn’t the first option that Giants fans want, and the more popular route would be to stick with Eli Manning and attempt to develop a rookie quarterback from this year’s draft. However, the Giants going for a veteran to compete for the quarterback job can’t be ruled out completely, and if they go that direction, it definitely seems that Foles will be in the running for the job.

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