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WATCH: 5 players Giants should have eyes on at Senior Bowl

Ralph Vacchiano | Facebook | Twitter | ArchiveIf there was an easy decryption key to the Patriots’ success, someone would have found it long ago. Instead, their secret has been locked in Foxboro for more than a decade, through 15 AFC East championships in the last 16 years, eight straight appearances in the AFC championship game, nine Super Bowl appearances since 2001, and five championships so far.

In a copycat league, they are the anomaly that no one has been able to duplicate, even though everyone has tried.

Still, there are lessons to be learned for every team trying to build a franchise in the shadow of the Patriots, including the Jets and the Giants. Here are some of those lessons as the New York teams begin to rebuild their program from the ashes in the hopes of someday giving the Patriots a fight as the next dynasty in the league.

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