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WATCH: Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. is sticking to lofty goal

After beating the 49ers, an upbeat Odell Beckham Jr. reiterated Thursday that the Giants can win out to finish the season.

“Seven games left. Same thing I said last week, we can win all these games,” he said. “I’m gonna see what happens — that’s the goal.”

“When I said it I heard a lot of chuckles and all that stuff, but it’s only crazy until you do it. One down, we got seven left.

“I don’t know would make me not believe it. That’s just the goal. Same thing I said before the season, the goal is to win the Super Bowl, it’s always going to be to win the Super Bowl. If you’re just here to have fun or whatever else I don’t think you should be here. The goal is to win every game.”

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