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What the New York Giants would be getting in Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator

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While former Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett isn’t the first name most New York Giants fans want to hear in relation to vacant coaching positions, there’s no denying his connection with the team and experience in the field.

The Cowboys have been loyal to Garrett for years, and while it was a painful breakup, their desire to hire Mike McCarthy outweighed their willingness to keep the ball in Garrett’s hand. Acting as their head coach, Garrett gave up offensive play-calling in 2013, but his influence on quarterbacks Tony Romo and Dak Prescott can’t go unnoticed.

The former quarterback in the NFL would be a perfect fit with Daniel Jones, who needs an experienced mentor to pick up where Pat Shurmur left off. Factor in the focused nature of being an offensive coordinator, and I believe Garrett would be a stellar option after years as a head coach. He would also be a significant addition for Joe Judge, who’s enduring his first stint as an HC in the NFL.

The New York Giants’ offense would benefit:

Garrett knows how to utilize a running back (Ezekiel Elliott), and his knowledge of quarterbacks would go a long way in opening up opportunities for Jones in the passing game. Judge hired former New England QB coach, Jerry Schuplinski, who worked with Jacoby Brissett, Tom Brady, and Jimmy G, all solid to elite-level quarterbacks in the NFL, to assist in Jones’ development.

Putting Garrett and Schuplinski in charge of helping the Giants’ franchise quarterback become a top arm in the league would be a best-case scenario.

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