Watching the New York Giants the past few seasons is like listening to a broken record. The same blemishes in the same spots every week. It’s so predictable, the fans, coaches and players have become anesthetized by the monotony.

There wasn’t much we learned from Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but here’s a few things.

Even when things are going well, the Giants can’t be trusted. Leading 19-3 over an Eagles team that was riddled with injuries and bogged down by underperformance all season, Big Blue could not throw the knockout punch like the New Orleans Saints did to Philly the week before.

They can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass — especially to tight ends — and they make bonehead plays at times where they need to be clutch. They are 3-8 for a reason and we saw that on Sunday. They don’t know how to win and accept losing all too easily.

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