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When Should The New York Giants Start QB Kyle Lauletta?

The fragility of rookie quarterback, Kyle Lauletta, is ever-so important when deciding to give him live-action in the 2018 season. The New York Giants are in a position which requires them to begin evaluating their younger talent, and at 3-8 on the year, Lauletta’s time to shine is coming sooner rather than later.

Veteran quarterback Eli Manning, has proven that he’s incapable of making big plays when it matters most. On Sunday, Manning threw a devastating interception at the end of second-half that took a potential three points off the board. The Eagles ended up winning the game 25-22, three points the advantage. Suddenly, those little plays that didn’t seem too significant are proving to be significant mishaps.

When should the Giants start Lauletta?

If the Giants brass decides to part ways with Manning after this season, they will surely give him the sending-off he deserves. Two Super Bowl and multiple jaw-dropping moments allows him a fair farewell, but at the end of the day, football is a business, and the next man has to step up. Whether it’s a draft pick or a free agent signing, the Giants will need to find their answer at quarterback soon.

Kyle Lauletta… The Project:

Head coach Pat Shurmur knew that Lauletta would be a project, considering being a fourth-round draft pick and coming from a tier-2 Division I school. The offense he operated at Richmond wasn’t anything compared to a legitimate pro-style offense, something that a player might get from being at a bigger school. He had a lot to learn, but his tangible skills were there to be molded.

Similar to Patrick Mahomes (I know, this is a stretch), Lauletta will be given a whole year to develop. Mahomes’ father stated that he wouldn’t be the player he is today without the year of development as a rookie. Lauletta is in a similar boat, yet comparing him to Patrick is optimistic at best.

The point being, Kyle needed the time to develop his deficiencies. While he will need to iron out the rust from being inactive for a majority of the season, it will be essential to see him at some point. I would expect to see the rookie make his debut in week 16 and start week 17. These two games will go a long way in helping the Giants formulate a game-plan going into the 2019 NFL Draft.

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