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Where Do The New York Giants Stand In The Lowly NFC East?

Three of the next six games for the New York Giants will be played against NFC East rivals – the Eagles, Redskins, and Cowboys in that order. They will finish off the year at MetLife, which could end up being the most important game of the year given the rest moves along as expected. Well, the only person the genuinely expects the Giants to win-out is Odell Beckham Jr., but it seems as if his dream has earned him two consecutive wins.

Given the Giants have allowed the fifth most points in the entire NFL, their chances of beating teams like the Chicago Bears are slim. On the offensive side of the ball, we’ve seen an uptick in efficiency, especially after the claiming of right guard, Jamon Brown. While his influence has gone under the radar, he’s solidified the middle of the line, allowing for Eli Manning to operate the offense more smoothly.

On Sunday afternoon, the Giants recorded 38 points. This is the highest scoring game for them since week 8 of the 2015 season. Where Big Blue fell short to the New Orleans in an offensive shoot-out (49-52). That’s over two years since the Giants have recorded at least 38 points. Maybe, just maybe, head coach Pat Shurmur’s system is the right fit.

Now, it was ignorant for us to expect Shurmur’s system to work immediately. We saw the success he enjoyed with the Minnesota Vikings – a team that featured an undrafted quarterback. The Giants currently have Manning as their starter, but some believe he will be on his way out at the commencement of the season. Fourth-round pick Kyle Lauletta, on the other hand, could be the perfect match for Shurmur and his intermediate dominant scheme.

I wouldn’t anticipate Shurmur playing Lauletta unless the Giants are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, which is surely the reality with the imbalances the team suffers from.

What would it take for the New York Giants to make the playoffs?

The current standing in the NFC East are as follows:

Redskins: 6-4

Cowboys: 5-5

Eagles: 4-6

Giants: 3-7

New York is only three games out of the first place behind Washington, but they have a daunting schedule to overcome. First, they must take down a struggling Eagles team that always seems to resurrect against their rival. Then they will clash with an extremely talented Chicago Bears team, and then they travel to Washington for a division match-up. It doesn’t end there. The Titans will come to MetLife just in time for Tennessee to see their playoff hopes slip away, and then they will prepare to face off against the Colts. But, we can’t forget the season closer, Dallas.

To say the rest of the way is easy would be foolish. Chances are, the Giants squander sooner rather than later. But, we’ve seen more extravagant miracles before. Ultimately, the division games will be the most influential, as the Giants must hope all four squads remain under six wins for at least the next three weeks.

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