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Why New York Giants Fans Shouldn’t Be Hoping For Tank Season

New York Giants fans have been fortunate enough to witness a multitude of miracles go their team’s way during the franchise’s long history. From Norwood’s wide right kick to hand Super Bowl XXV to the Giants, to “The Helmet Catch” in Super Bowl XLII, and Manningham’s miraculous reception down the left sideline in Super Bowl XLVI; the Giants have been on the right side of many of the NFL’s greatest miracles.

But, what could be the greatest miracle of them all is one that ‘could’ happen this season. To call it a pipe dream is an understatement, but that’s why it would be a miracle.

This miracle would be if the 1-7 Giants came back and won their final eight games to slip into the playoffs at 9-7. And as all Giants fans know, once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen. As Odell Beckham Jr. said, the last time the Giants went to the playoffs at 9-7, they did “pretty good.” No team has ever been able to accomplish something like this. According to NFL’s Next Gen Stats, the 1-7 Giants had a 1% chance of making the playoffs (prior to Monday night’s win in San Francisco). How could Giants fans not root for their team to defy all odds and make the playoffs with a 1% chance?

The Sinking Draft Stock Of The 2019 Quarterback Class:

Giants fans all over twitter have been crying out for a quarterback change to take place this season or the next. Some fans have even created a few slogans in favor of the Giants drafting Oregon’s Justin Herbert, such as: “suck for the duck,” “just lose for Justin,” and “hurtin’ for Herbert.”

These slogans are all very cute, however, it is rumored that Justin Herbert might not even declare for the 2019 draft. On top of that, his draft stock has gone down in October and November, according to CBS Sports. CBS Sports now has him ranked as the third best quarterback prospect in this draft class, behind Drew Lock and Ryan Finley.

All three of these prospects (Herbert, Lock, and Finley) have potential, but none of them have been able to prove themselves to be a “can’t miss” prospect. The Giants could potentially draft a quarterback with the, 16th, 28th, or even the 32nd pick who seemingly has the same amount of talent and potential as a player selected with a top ten pick.

The Chemistry For The Future:

The New York Giants’ players have two options: they can play their hardest together and try to win every game possible, or they can simply give up. Good luck trying to convince a competitor like Odell Beckham Jr. to give up mid-season. If half the locker room decides to give up and the other half decides to play like they’re in the playoffs, this would cause a huge division in the locker room.

This division would destroy the team’s chemistry. The 2017 season should give us a basis for how a coach ‘shouldn’t’ manage a locker room. Moving forward, having a well balanced team is essential for success, and in times of adversity the leaders on the team must come together and promote a positive vision for the future. Establishing a motive for success will be the goal after every game, especially if the Giants lose.

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