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Why the New York Giants likely won’t land Mekhi Becton in the NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Combine tends to be more of a media revolution than actual scouting site, especially for top prospects who believe their performance won’t impact their draft stock. The New York Giants didn’t need the Combine to be sold on players like Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence, who both produced efficiently at their respective schools.

The Combine is more for later round players who want to showcase a specific skill that can translate to the NFL, like speed or jumping ability. Athleticism is more of a reason than football talent, which is derived from live-play and film work.

For offensive linemen like Mekhi Becton, their tape speaks for itself, as his massive size is evident upon meeting him. Interviewing and personability are undoubtedly part of the Combine’s value, but Becton brings a tangible quality to the football field that’s unparalleled.

Offensive line performance consultant Duke Manyweather broke down Becton, who spoke with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View:

“Remember when LeBron [James] came to the NBA people said he was too big?” Manyweather said. “Some players just transcend and set a new bar.

“He’s a new bar.”

Can the New York Giants find a way to land Becton?

Measuring in at 6-foot-7 3/8 and 364 pounds, Becton is one of the largest if not ‘the’ most towering lineman in the upcoming draft. He can pave the way for running backs and has surprising mobility given his behemoth stature. However, the Giants will likely miss out on his talents, unless they invest the 4th overall pick in his abilities, which would be malpractice given the better-suited options. Defensive star Isaiah Simmons remains a top prospect, but other offensive tackles present less of a risk, like Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas.

I expect Becton to land between the 15-25 picks, allowing the Giants to trade back, collect a second-round, and potentially move up to steal him off the board later on in the first round. This is a hypothetical scenario, of course, but one that would land the Giants two promising talents in the first round, similar to the 2019 draft.

Given the reality of the Giants’ situation, GM Dave Gettleman will find a way to miss out on the mountainous man. Still, a hypothetical situation is the best we can do to visualize Becton on Big Blue.

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